Who are friends?

Wednesday, December 22, 2004



Let me write about sad moments. As my experience goes, there is no one who haven't faced sad moments. Do u aggree with me? Sad moments are part of life. There is no life without atleast small number of sad moments. Sad moments in life comes due to different reasons viz., Love disappointments,Family problems,ego problems,sentiments,friendship,money,happiness etc. Whatever it may be the reason but we have to face those sad moments.

I believe in being STRONG against those sad moments. Don't worry about them. As u may be knowing, "For every cloud, there is a silver line". So every sad moment has to end in happiness. The proportion of happy moments over sad moments are more. But, unfortunately we people cannot accept little of sadness. We need happiness, happiness, happiness always. Never think like that, infact sad moments will take us one step further towards success. One who takes sad moments as positive, will win in his life.Transform your weakness into strength. Who doesn't have weakness. You are better than others. Think about the people who can achieve nothing in their life. Everything will be out of their control. For eg., anyone who is mentally ill, can't achieve any fruitful thing in their life until they become normal. Are u more weaker than those people. No right? So you have many strengths. Where there is a will there is a way a slight change for that sentence from myside; Where there is a will, THERE ARE many ways.

Let me give some tips to face sad moments:
* Ignore them as much as possible
* Analyse the problem, check how much you are responsible for that and correct yourself if possible
* Try to be with the people who will not hurt you
* If possible go and read some good books in those moments
* Do what you like the most
* See the nature, and learn that nothing can change the whole world and realise that nothing is permanent and time will change the situations
* Have a lifestyle which never cares about sad moments
* Feel free to take suggestions from others( let them be anybody!)

Hope it will do atleast some negligible help to you if you are in sad mood. But remember my friend "Every morning has its own color, never become hopeless"